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    • An unforgettable Christmas party

      Wonderful mornings at us!

      Invite your staff or your business partners to a wonderful Christmas breakfast.

      Our table is laden with the scents and tastes of Christmas every workday morning from 06.30 to 09.30 during weeks 50 and 51.

      13,50 €/person

      Dial 06-3288200 for reservations in advance or by e-mail info@vallonia.fi


      Combine business with pleasure before Christmas!

      Meetings to be had before Christmas? Why not make your meeting reservations at us and relax afterwards with a Christmas feast enjoying delicious food and beverages in our conservatory e.g. The meeting rooms are free for you to use, we have many nice alternatives available for you.

      Phone us and let us help you to arrange a successful event.

      Christmas lunch week 50-51

      Price: 10,20 €

      Sales 06-3288288

    • Christmas menu 2017

      Christmas menus 2017

      Menu I

      Finnish beetroot salad of the house, Baltic herring with mustard sauce, Baltic herring with garlic sauce

      Traditional Christmas ham and casseroles, mustard sauce and boiled potatoes

      Prune soup and whipped cream

      32 €/person


      Menu II

      Slice of Malax loaf with smoked salmon mousse, fresh salad, marinated red onion with lemon vinaigrette

      Tender brisket of beef, rich red wine sauce, oven fried root vegetables and blue cheese potatoes

      Christmas prune and cinnamon cake

      42 €/person


      Menu III

      Creamy chanterelle soup with strips of smoked reindeer and sour cream, brown bread

      Turkey fillet with apricot-pepper sauce, beetroot gratin and Paris potatoes with herbs

      Cheese platter, figs and apple jam and walnuts

      39 €/person


      Menu IV

      Västerbotten cheese pie with pears and fresh salad

      Smoked salmon with creamy tzatziki sauce, oven fried root vegetables and parsnip puree

      Rice á la Malta

      37 €/person


      A uniform menu (I, II, III or IV) is to be ordered for the whole group.

      For reservations, please dial 06-328 8200 or by e-mail info@vallonia.fi

      Welcome to the Hotel Vallonia.

      Allergies are considered separately.

Hotel Vallonia

Keskustie 3

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Telefax +35863288299
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